Integrity Insurance

Integrity Insurance joined the Harley® Town family on August 1st, 2011. Jan and Marshall are both motorcycle enthusiasts and are a perfect fit for Historic Harley-Davidson®. They have several of the top insurance companies and provide insurance for literally all of your insurance needs, not just motorcycle.

Integrity Insurance is always excited when they can save money for their customers, but they will not compromise your protection in order to do it. It will probably take slightly more than 15 minutes for them to thoroughly and accurately assess your specific insurance needs, but when they're done you will know for certain whether or not you have the most cost efficient insurance program for you.

Here are a few examples:

  • The commercial on TV says, "Fifteen minutes can save you 15%." Marshall and Jan just saved a family 25% that had the "little green lizard" and thought they were already saving 15%. They're very glad they took a few minutes to stop by Harley® Town and visit Integrity Insurance.
  • Another family, Dad is a teacher/coach and Mom is a nurse, had been with American Family for years. They had built a new home in 2007. American Family had it insured for $240,000. After a careful review, Marshall recommended to the family that the house needed to be insured for $398,000. The family strongly agreed and were quite upset when they realized how under insured they had been. Now they not only have adequate insurance coverage on their home, two autos, one pickup truck and a motorhome, but they lowered their insurance premium by 25% (not just 15%) and are now saving $576/year!

Please call (785) 233-5401 or stop in and see them soon for all your insurance needs!